SOIL | How I Grow Wheat


February 12: Eliana admires wheat seedlings planted in flats. Protected in a cold frame, they grew to this size in only nine days.


February 28 & 29: Wheat seedlings have been transplanted into the garden, and protected from birds with bottomless tin cans. Drip irrigation is visible.


Late May: Harvesting wheat by cutting it close to the ground and tying in sheaves. Grain will cure in sunlight, protected from birds.

4 wheat threshing

Students from United World College thresh wheat to music!

Winnowing the threshed grain with a fan.


580 square feet produced the 4.5 pounds of kamut wheat you see on the right. As I continue to build the soil, the yield increases. In addition to the wheat itself, growing grains improves the soil and provides a large quantity of straw (biomass) for compost.

~ by marciagibbons on March 19, 2016.

2 Responses to “SOIL | How I Grow Wheat”

  1. Hello Marcia; I am 64 years young, been following your site for about a year, fascinating. I have land in NM mts at 8,000 ft, wish to build something similar. Perhaps even incorporate a greenhouse into the home structure as in Earthship tech. Need to master the techniques you apply to construction and farming. I have been in Salome,AZ for 18 yrs. Have a small garden here with organic foods. Also have ideas about water sourcing. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Michael
      Thanks for your comments. Much in common, I see! Tell me what you mean by “water sourcing”. A term I have never heard of. Also,I have a steady stream of visitors who like to share ideas and you,too, would be welcome if you’re able to get away.

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