EARTH | Ransom Ranch I

Just east of Bisbee, Arizona…

Winter solstice sunrise

solar calendar

Solar calendar

Well-drilling rig and Mule Mtns.Ransom & Marcia toasting the well.

Removing some mesquite with backhoe

Cutting dead & down posts w. B.J. in the Chiracahua Mtns.

Marcia building compost facility

Humanure composting "bathroom"

grooviest banyo in the county

Grooviest bathroom in the county

Soaking prior to digging foundation for first dome. Soil is rock-hard due to lack of rain. After the monsoons come, no problem!

Ed digging the foundation (solo)

test bags and papercrete cylinders

test bags and papercrete cylindersTest bags with various percentages of portland cement,lime, and just plain subsoil. Also, 2 papercrete test cylinders.

Ed and Cisco starting bag work on dome!

Michael and Sam watching

Above ground!

Cisco, Oscar, Tyler, Daniel, Billy, & Ed

Gettin it done w. B.J, Billy, Oscar, Ed, Squeak, & Bill S.

Growing walls


constructing forms for windows/doors

Marcia building temporary forms for windows and door

Don't sit on the barbed wire, Darren

Dome, apse, ramada,bus (for camping), and a great view of the Mule Mountains

tearing down 3 courses to correct the arc. "used" bag sections form planter and bench buttresses

B.J. doing demolition of three courses to correct the arc. (My bad.) Using the pieces to create a planter/buttress/bench .

back to growing walls

Back to building

M. and Billy nailing down barbed wire between each row

Marcia and Billy "nailing " down barbed wire between each course.

Marcia tamping

Marcia tamping

log "form" for doorway into apse

Propped-up log being used as form for entry into apse

Darren and Billy tamping bag over doorway

Darren and Billy tamping over door form

climbing the walls

climbing the wallsForm for door in place

removing a window form !

Garrett removing a window form. Enoc relaxing on wall.

enjoying a window

enjoying a windowIf it has a window, it must be a building!

south facing window

south facing windowSouth -facing window. Note strip anchors and chases for adding small countertop/sink.

apse with window forms

Apse with various forms for windows

Darren in the top of the apse

Closing the apse!

Ryan in the top of the apse

Ryan's view of the apse.

test samples for exterior plaster

Test samples for exterior plaster

Soaking prior to digging foundation for pumphouse. Pressure tank and top of well.

Marcia and Ed - first bag -work in gravel-lined trench. Very hot, 9-hour day for 2 teenagers and an old lady! But very cool results!

Ed and Bajjon perfecting their technique. Note Cal-Earth logo on bags! Thank you Cal Earth . I like to think Nader is watching.

Door jam held in place w. strip anchors. Recycled concrete "pavers" for floor.

Billy and Marcia put straw-bales in place.Rebar in corners.Looking pretty pleased with ourselves.

B.J. and Eliot mixing cob in kiddie pool. Way fun.

Cobbing done and a start on earth plaster

Billy & Ed working in the scratch coat of earth plaster.

Suny and Tyler sinking posts for roof of pumphouse.Scratch coat is drying.

Roof up and scratch coat plaster on JUST before monsoons come !!

straw bale pumphouse protected from monsoon rains

traw-bale pumphouse protected from impending monsoon rains. Will finish plastering in the fall.


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